Wedding Party

The Ladies


Darcy met Morgan in the womb. They officially met in the world at about 12:30 am, January 1st, 1988 -- the time Darcy was born. After that, Darcy and Morgan did almost everything together until college began and they went their separate ways. Morgan now lives in Denver, CO and is the Commissioner of the Denver Kickball Coalition and a personal assistant. She is also an amazing DJ, dancer and driver. She is Darcy's twin and maid of the honor.


Molly spends most of her days wrangling small children, as a mom of two adorable children and as a gymnastics instructor. Molly is Darcy's sister and matron of honor. Molly lives in Warren, MI and enjoys dancing to Michael Jackson songs and playing with her pooches, Shaq-fu and
Sheedy. (Pictured with the flower girl, Charlotte Magnotte)


Sam and Darcy met in Math Club, then became friends over their love of pie (and Π). Sam, Morgan and Darcy would spend their days in Michigan going on many adventures, playing fling-the-balls, and the sweet Phase Ten. Sam is a bad ass doctor-in-training who loves reading, cooking, and has a small collection of pets. Sam lives in Florida attends Nova Southeastern University for medical school.


Darcy's first friend at college was Christina, they were also roommates freshmen year. They bonded on a special trip to Target with their Moms. Darcy and Christina met Billy together and soon became friends with him. Darcy and Christina have been known to let a marshmallow explode in the microwave because they were dancing. Also, one of Billy's greatest achievements in life was when he made Christina cry happy tears because he sorted out the Skittles that she didn't like. Another is when he made Christina cry because he high-fived her too hard. Christina is works in marketing in Los Angeles, CA.


Darcy met Tenley the second day of college, in the suite they shared at college. Their friendship blossomed on a few photo adventures they took around Boston. Tenley is a wonderful travel companion, and even saved the day when Darcy could not drive any longer on a drive back from the Jersey Shore. She is a founding participant in Za Night and was a witness (and got on video) Billy's proposal to Darcy. Tenley loves reading, social media and puns. She works at the Lyons Group doing social media in Boston, Mass.


Brianne, like Tenley, is a founding participant of Za Night, a special night where Brianne, Tenley, Darcy and Billy join together to eat pizza, drink beer, and have a t-shirt contest or show and tell with a theme. Brianne created Za Night and often has incredible ideas. Brianne is known for being super cute at all times and confusing the genders of cats. She is a fashionable gal who does marketing for Crush Boutique in Beacon Hill.

The Guys


Greg met Billy when we lived together at Emerson sophomore year, but their friendship didn't blossom until some time later. Greg is from Ontario, Canada and says stuff like "aboot" instead of "about." He studied marketing and now interns at some place in the Hancock building, where he looks at spreadsheets a lot. Greg enjoys ping pong and marathons. He is the Best Man.


Christopher also lived with Billy sophomore year, and then lived with Darcy and Billy off-campus junior year. Christopher is from Blackstone, MA and enjoys metal. He, along with Billy, is a founder member of the band Slime Slime, and it is also because of him that Billy got so good at the drums on Rock Band. He now works as the State Auditor's Press Secretary, and could not be reached for comment.


Tony is Billy's brother. Billy and Tony spent some time in the Boy Scouts together, where they created the rule that a fire isn't a fire until it is taller than Billy. Both quit the scouts soon after 9/11, though they admit that didn't really have anything to do with it. Tony studied Audio/Radio at Emerson and has been in a bunch of bands and has recorded solo under many act names. He lives in South Carolina.


Russell is Billy's oldest brother. They bond over their love of the Phillies, calling each other immediately after such milestones as the 2008 World Series, Roy Halladay's perfect game, Halladay's subsequent no-hitter, and the off-season acquisition of Cliff Lee this November. He graduated from Rutgers University and lives in New Jersey.


Ben T. Collins met Billy freshman year and was a total jerk. They took to each other immediately, cursing feverishly at baseball and soccer video games. Together, they aspired to publish a magazine and never did, and now write for different publications. Ben is some kind of editor or something on He lives in California, and will probably be late to the wedding.


Nick is Darcy's brother-in-law, Molly's husband. He is the father of two cute children and works at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit. Nick is a great cook, specializing in veggie pizza and scrambled eggs. He loves watching the Red Sox and Pistons games. (Pictured with the ring bearer, Jackson Magnotte)