Billy and I got engaged a little over two weeks ago and I feel really good about it.  We have a wedding venue and date and we feel really good about both of those things.

I spent a lot of the past two weeks looking at wedding venues in Massachusetts and everything was crazy expensive.  So, when my Granny called and offered her home for our wedding, I, at first, declined, thinking that I wanted to do a fancy east coast wedding.  But the more I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed -- just to have a casual backyard wedding with close friends and family.  It sounded perfect.

Some were skeptical about the location, and I think they may be still but I am really excited about.

Also, I created this website and I love it.  I wanted to have a blog, too, so we could document key parts of the planning, for all of our friends and family can feel like they're taking part, even though, I know physically some people just won't be able.

I feel very grateful to have an awesome bridal party.  I'm just really excited (can you tell?)!

Only thing I still really need to do is get my ring re-sized.  It was Billy's grandmother's engagement ring and I think my fingers are a little bit smaller than hers.  I love it, though.

Posted by Darcy   February 1, 2011 11:35 pm