Our Pets


Billy first met Frank at Darcy's Mom's (Meri) house in Michigan in the summer of 2007.  He played with her almost nonstop and loved how snuggly she was.

When we moved out of the dorms and into our first apartment in Allston, Darcy wanted to get a cat companion.  They could not find a cat that they liked.  Knowing that Meri was looking to get rid of a cat (out of her three total), we decided bringing Frank to Boston would be the best option.

Her journey to the east coast began with one flight to Chicago and then another to Boston.  She cried the whole way in the car.  Then she scratched Darcy when she went through security and after that she was calm and quiet.

Upon arriving to Boston, the first thing she saw was Billy, her Saviour.  Frank took some time to adjust and in no time, began playing and enjoying all the attention she received.

Frank is a wonderful, snuggly cat.


A fateful day in November led Darcy to Jones.  A woman came into work saying that she found a stray kitten under a porch and there were more.

Jones was one of them.  We rescued him when he was about for weeks old and he was a mess. He had fleas and he was dehydrated.  He was just a baby.

After trips to the vet, Jones was getting the nutrients he needed because Billy and Darcy were feeding him milk through a bottle and he was chowing down on kitten food.

Since then Jones has grown into an energetic, strong kitten.  He is very rambunctious and sometimes annoying, but truly adorable and fun.  They wouldn't change their little mustachioed friend for the world!